His amazing affection

We read many anecdotes from the scriptures that support and bolster our testimony and faith. When my good friend revealed her remarkable faith-filled experience concerning her son, I was beyond words amazed and amazed.  I now, I share it with her permission.

“November 19th, 2002, when my son was 2 years old, we met with a car accident. Reflecting on this experience has helped my testimony grow in our loving Heavenly Father. I was driving, my elder daughter, who was 3 years old and my son, were in the car. My husband was driving ahead of us in another car we were taking to a mechanic's shop to fix the brakes. Then, I was going to drop my husband off at work. 

That morning, we were driving on State Street in Springville, Utah. The speed limit on this road was 50 mph (80 kph). There was road construction happening at a major intersection ahead. Construction workers had closed off a section of the right lane of the road before the stop light, which meant all drivers needed to merge into the left lane.

I had already moved over to the left lane, and I saw a car pass on our right side, trying to get ahead and merge at the last minute. The combination of the morning rush hour traffic, the light turning red, and the last-minute merging caused cars to back up and brake quickly. I could stop only a few steps before hitting the car in front of us. Because of the abrupt braking, our car stalled. My son was sitting in the car seat behind the driver’s seat. The force of the impact caused the headrest of the driver’s seat to hit him, causing serious injuries to his head and face.  The doctor described that the bone of the bridge of my nose looked like the cereal “cornflakes”.

Plastic surgery needed to be done to repair his injuries. Between the time of the accident and the surgery, I vividly recall going to Brigham City. We could not stay with my son in the hospital. It must have been that first night. We only had one car, which my husband used to return to Springville. I must have been with Grandma Jensen to use her vehicle and return to the hospital the next day. I remember crying for him there at Grandma's house when I was alone. I remember the strong feeling of comfort from the many prayers offered on my sons' behalf by family and ward members. I was thankful to feel the power of those prayers to lean on because I felt like my own individual prayers were not enough.

Whenever I look back at this story in my life, I cry. On one specific occasion, after attending the temple alone, I reflected on this experience. As I was driving, I was pondering about a specific picture taken of me after the three weeks in the hospital. I asked the question, 'Why me? Why did that car accident happen, and the miracle of my son being able to make a full recovery from it? How was my son smiling in that picture after so much pain?' Then the Holy Ghost let me know, 'Christ loves little children and was helping my son through that pain and journey. He also has a plan for my son, that's why. The good emotions and feelings I felt were such a comfort to me and still are. Twenty-one years later, I know the Holy Ghost was with me and my son, comforting us, and I still feel His comfort with me today. “

Years have passed, yet my friend still remembers the gentle love of Christ that healed her both then and today. I have discovered that God is consistently kind and always there for us.

His amazing affection, By Sis. Margret Jebamani, Tambaram Branch, Chennai, India District
His amazing affection, By Sis. Margret Jebamani, Tambaram Branch, Chennai, India District