Great Example of My Goodly Parents

Like Nephi, I too can gratefully say, “having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father. ”1 I was born into a Christian family where my sister and I were taught about God and the Bible. The only thing I knew was that we go to church every Sunday, celebrate Easter and Christmas and that we must pray. But I didn’t have a clear knowledge and understanding of what all that meant or why I had to do it.

One fine day we were visited by two full-time volunteers of the church. Elder Gardener and Elder Manohar were looking for someone in front of our house. My father was concerned and asked if he could help them. These Full-time volunteers introduced themselves and asked us if they could share something about God and the gospel. Since we are a Christian family, he invited them to join us right away, and from then on, they began to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I and our whole family accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ on July 02, 2006.

Tamalapakula Anuhya Jayaprada, Dowleswaram Ward, Rajahmundry India Stake

From the day we accepted the gospel, my parents were a wonderful example of remaining faithful to the truth we accepted and never looked back. It has been 17 years since then, and we are holding on to the iron rod stronger than ever. Their example helped me to strengthen my faith and my testimony. I was able to stay strong and active in the church. I was able to learn more about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and most importantly, the purpose of my life on this earth and why my parents taught me to obey all the commandments that were well understood. This has made my life more beautiful, and living the gospel brings me much joy.

I am grateful and thankful for my parents' testimony, which influenced me for good. I know they choose the right, and I know it is right whenever I participate in any church meeting or activity through the Holy Ghost. I know that when we are faithful to our testimony, our whole generation will be blessed like Lehi’s faith blessed his sons and their posterity.



1 1 Nephi1:1