Gospel is Our Strength

Chavadi Branch, Coimbatore India District

Saran and Sanjay

I am Saran, as a young boy, I attended church because of my parent's compulsion; there were days that I used to regret going to Sunday classes because my priorities were different. As days passed, I became a Deacon, and I decided to read the Book of Mormon for the first time. Once I started reading the Book of Mormon, everything changed. Sunday classes were more meaningful, and I eagerly waited for Sundays. I understood the importance of sacrament, sabbath day observance and many more Gospel principles. This strengthened my testimony, and I understood our Heavenly Father’s love for me. All this happened because, I decided to read the most powerful Book on earth,' The Book Of Mormon.' I testify that it is another testament of Jesus Christ.

I am Sanjay, as a non-member, have attended many sacrament meetings in the church without knowing the sacredness of the ordinance. When the missionaries taught me about the Gospel, I felt the truth by the power of the Holy Ghost and decided to be baptised. I was prompted to read the Book of Mormon; when I started reading the Book of Mormon, I felt good and started to see many changes in me, both spiritually and mentally. This helped me to walk in the Lord's way, comforted me during my hardships; I was able to seek answers to my questions and increase my faith in our saviour Jesus Christ. I felt that as a family, we were blessed after accepting the true Gospel in my life. Before baptism, I often left like an empty vessel, but after knowing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accepting it in my life, I feel complete. I know my journey will not be free of challenges. Praying regularly, daily repentance, reading the scriptures and trusting in our saviour will help me stay on the covenant path, and this will assure me that I can live with our Father in Heaven someday.