Giving is Better Than Receiving

Image of a family

I wanted to share my experience related to COVID -19. This pandemic has taught me many great things especially of being prudent and wise. I have personally learned the extraordinary habit of giving without any expectation of a reward. I was taught to remember the poor and the people who faced unfortunate incidents from my childhood. So, whenever there was an occasion in our home to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, we were asked to distribute food or groceries to the needy and today I realize the importance of learning that at a very young age.

My travel business was hit by this pandemic and I didn’t have much to offer but still as a family we decided to offer food to about 100 people. I started on April 16th and observed that 100 was not enough as there were thousands who needed help. I decided to use all my resources to offer help and support. I made this my personal task and miraculously we helped many.  We prepared a grocery kit which included wheat flour, oil, lentils, and soap. I worked with the authorities to identify needy people. We distributed about 200 kits.

I remembered the story of the five loaves and two fishes which has a message and meaning that holds true to this day. The story helps us to be generous towards the needy. With Jesus showing compassion and contributing his time and food, he wants us to follow his lead and do the same. I was satisfied and every single person was grateful to have received this kit. This made me happy and I experienced joy.

Mother’s Day approached during this process of distribution and I thought of distributing sarees to the women in need. This was also a tribute to my mother who truly taught me the joy of giving. I will always cherish these moments which helped me to experience things I would not have experienced otherwise. We have a duty towards our society and our loved ones.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has said, ”Rich or poor, we are to do what we can when others are in need.”1  Indeed, the Master himself taught that giving is better than receiving. 2

 Praveen Beesa lives with his wife and two children in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.



1  Jeffrey R. Holland,  “Are We Not All Beggars,” Liahona, November 2014.

2  Acts 20:35