Finally We Got Sealed In The Temple Despite of Many Oppositions

Finally We Got Sealed In The Temple Despite of Many Oppositions

I am Suresh kumar Balan. I was baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in February 2006. I married Vidhya in November 2008. She was a non-member. After my marriage, my wife learnt the gospel and expressed her willingness to join the Church. I was filled with happiness and baptized her on 29th March 2009. My wife, Vidya and my son Bevan and I travelled to the Hong Kong temple in November 2014 to be sealed as a family. We faced a lot of challenges as we planned for our Temple trip. At the same time, we received lots of blessings.

Earlier, we had planned our temple trip for May 2014, since that was a holiday season in our country. My wife had conceived our second baby during this time. But sadly, she went through an abortion with complications in her health.

After three months when her health improved, we planned again to go to the temple in November 2014. This time my wife was not granted leave from her School where she was working. The school management had planned a Review Program which made things more difficult for us to plan our Temple trip.

We never gave up and we prayed daily and continuously to our Heavenly Father. Finally we decided to go to temple whatever maybe the situation. The tickets were issued to us and the papers for visas got ready. All the arrangements were done. One week before our Temple Trip, my wife conceived again. Doctor advised her not to travel long distances because she was in her early period of pregnancy.

We flew to Hong Kong. My wife’s health deteriorated during our stay in the Patron House. Temple workers were there to help us and comfort us. They assured us that if there is any concern or an emergency then we can call them for any hospitalization depending upon the gravity of her illness. We retired to bed feeling tired and troubled. But our hearts were filled with prayers seeking for God’s tender mercies.

Next day, (The sealing day) we got up and to my surprise, my wife said that she felt better and that she was ready to go the Temple.

We came closer to God.

Vidhya and me have come closer to each other in love and understanding.

Our disagreements came down. We understand each other very well. We truly love each other.

My Testimony in the living God has increased day by day. I can feel His protection and tender compassion in our Lives.

I share this In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Suresh kumar Balan, Coimbatore District, India