Families Are Forever

Family portrait of the author.

'Families are the treasure of Heaven' 1, and I sustain these words to be true. I am privileged to marry a righteous woman who accepted the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ when she was eight years old. I have learnt about the doctrines of the church as I listened to her many times during our conversation at home. I had never stopped my wife from going to the church. Later, Bro. Rathinam, a relative and the well-wisher of our family, invited my elder son Alex to attend the church meetings. Later, my son and my mother joined the church with the help of the missionaries. Seeing the changes in them made me find the truth. Meanwhile, I was nourished by the good word of God by my wife's example and testimony which blessed me to know that the church is true.

Not only did these three valiant souls help me know the Gospel, but my extended family also played a vital role in helping me know the truth. The way each of them lives, the priority they give in life, and the righteous decisions they make helped me to realize that they are being guided by the spirit and by the loving leaders of the church.

A family tradition that we follow during every Christmas season provides me with an opportunity to hear the heartfelt testimony shared by everyone about the role of the Savior in the plan of salvation, His magnificent atonement and His infinite love in leading us. Every year, we celebrate Christmas with much excitement. We plan to have a dress code, delicious food, and spiritual sharing time with each family member. Elder ones in the family share their testimony, whereas others take turns to share their favourite scripture, bible stories and many more. During that time, we make resolutions as individuals and as a family under the guidance of our parents. We buy gifts for each other and express our love too. Nearly 60 members gather and witness the truths in the Gospel, which helps each other of us to stay strong and active in the Gospel and the church.

I know that we can be together forever when families are built upon the principles of Faith, obedience and love.

Author and his large family.


  1. Elder Neil L. Andersen, “Spiritual Whirlwinds' April 204, General Conference.