Faith In Times Of COVID


 The pandemic has taken its toll on us, and life has been very challenging for most of us. For about ten months, the hospital I worked for was declared the COVID centre in 2020, and we received a massive number of cases every day. In the ICU, I had to treat patients with critical illnesses.

 There was an incident when I had to attend to a pregnant lady who had contracted COVID, and it was too late by the time she had come to the hospital. Despite me and the other doctor's giving our best efforts, she passed away. I struggled to hold myself together when I lost this patient to this dreadful disease. It was difficult for me to see the suffering and pain my patients went through. My faith did waver in moments like these. That night, I knelt and prayed to God fervently to help me gather the courage to get back to work and treat those whom I could save. Having a testimony of the Plan of Salvation gave me a sense of clarity whenever my faith wavered. I firmly believe that because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement,  I am never alone in my trials and challenges, and Resurrection is possible to all mankind.

 I am grateful to the Gospel and the scriptures that give me confidence and hope during difficult times. I read the sacrament prayers every Sunday and try to keep the Sabbath holy. I find joy in obeying the commandment of loving and serving others. I truly believe that God will fulfil my righteous desires, and I believe that Christ will give me the strength to press forward when I have faith in Him.