Faith in Action: Prayer Changed My Life

When I accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I was so excited because it meant that, I could be more like Jesus and have the Holy Spirit to help me all the time. I go to primary class every Sunday, and it is interesting to learn new things. But, after receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, I started to understand how these things could improve my life.

Now, I pray and read my scriptures every single day. It used to be something my mom and dad wanted me to do, but now I do it because I want to talk to Heavenly Father. I know He is always listening. One time, I was taking a test, and I couldn’t remember the answer to a question. I was worried, but then I prayed to God for help, something amazing happened! I moved on to other questions, and when I returned to that one, I suddenly remembered the answer!

“Does God really want to speak to you?” President Russell M. Nelson has asked. “Yes!” If we are patient and do the necessary work, we will receive answers to our prayers.

This experience taught me that Heavenly Father does listen to our prayers and helps us out. I only understood this because of my baptism and the Holy Ghost guiding me constantly. I am so happy that He loves me and is always there to help.

Faith in Action: Prayer Changed My Life By Inti Havila, Rajahmundry 3rd  Ward, Rajahmundry India Stake