Desire To Serve God

Disciples of Christ are blessed to serve the Lord Spiritually, Physically, and Socially. The person who is called to be a volunteer should be physically strong so that he can serve with an energetic body. I always had a question, Will I have an opportunity to be a volunteer with my physical weakness? With this question in my heart and with the opportunity to work in the government or get a government loan sanctioned to establish a business or apply to serve as a volunteer, was a tough decision that I had to make. I was advised by a couple to ask the Lord so that I will know His will. My prayer was not just about what I needed to choose, but it was also about if I could survive and be successful with my physical challenges.

Bro. Nulu Apparao
Bro. Nulu Apparao

The answer came to me through the scripture, “If ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work” 1. and “God will prepare a way to accomplish the things” 2. It happened to me as I volunteered
to serve the Lord, He helped me. Serving taught me many standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I married a wonderful woman, blessed with three children who chose to serve the Lord just like me. I have been sharing the gospel with them and other children who cannot afford English education and taught them physical education, seminary, and institute.

I am eternally blessed because of my service, and Lord never left me alone. Even though I was not born and brought up in the church, my parents helped me to learn the principles of the gospel and chose what was right. What changed my heart is ‘The plan of salvation’, it helped me to understand the Lord’s plan for me and the purpose of my Life.

As Alma teaches, “For behold, this life is time for men to prepare to meet God and for men to perform their labors.” 3. I strongly believe that my purpose is to serve the Lord and prepare to live with Him again.