Delhi District Annual Youth Conference ‘15

Delhi District Annual Youth Conference ‘15

Delhi District Annual Youth Conference ‘15 – Embark ye in the service of God

Delhi District Annual Youth Conference ‘15 – Embark ye in the service of God

New Delhi  - 19th May 2015

Over 80 Young Men and Young Women from Delhi thronged in early morning at the Delhi District Chapel in Vasant Vihar, excited to participate in the overnight, Youth Conference at the Fun Town waterpark and Resort on the outskirts of Delhi.

The Youth were divided into teams by the youth leaders. Light breakfast was provided. They were given Tee shirts customized for the occasion, after which the happy crowd boarded the buses taking them to the resort.

At the resort, the Youth were assigned their rooms. Many activities were planned by the district leaders to suit the requirements of the Youth, in which they participated enthusiastically. They were introduced to the theme of the conference “Embark ye in the service of God” inspiring each of them to serve the God in whichever way they can.

Embark ye in the service of God”

Activity workshops were running simultaneously for each team. Workshop on “Listening to the spirit” was conducted by Sister Bolton where she provided the youth with a list of scriptures inspiring them on how to listen to the spirit. Another workshop called “Trash in Trash out” was conducted by Brother Clegg and Sister Aparna. This was an activity based workshop where they assembled many day to day objects like video games, story books and scriptures and invited the youth to fill the nearby jar with their favorite things. Ultimately they were invited to understand the importance of each choice on spiritual growth.

President Sackley and Sister Sackley conducted a workshop on missionary preparation where they invited the youth to start preparing for mission in temporal and spiritual ways. Another workshop was conducted by Sister Silvy on “Family history”.

The conference was not only about lessons, there was fun too! Senior couple missionaries Elder and Sister Evensen had planned a number of fun games that left the youth asking for more! The youth also enjoyed time in the waterpark and the fun water rides.

Next day began with scripture studies and exercise by Sister Gustin. Missionary life experience was shared by recent returned missionary Sister Arora, inspiring and urging the youth to understand the importance of mission in the lives they will touch on their missions. When asked by the leaders as to who all from the present youth were planning to go on mission, all hands were raised passing a message that they were all ready to embark in the service of God.

Aparna Dwivedi, New Delhi District, India