Commitment, Patience and Love leads to Marriage

Commitment, Patience and Love leads to Marriage

It was the last day of May 2012 YSA conference held at Hyderabad, where we talked a lot about career, Church and studies.  Amidst all these exciting happenings, my heart strings were thrilled.  The reason - I had a girl in mind but we weren’t dating. She left after the Conference, I felt to pray and ask God if she was the one for me to marry for time and all eternity. I spoke to my dad about it. That night I prayed earnestly about her and got an inspiration and felt good in my heart. I then recognized that I received my answer! Armed with this conviction, I decided to propose her for marriage. She took time and prayed about it, then she agreed. Our families, initially, did not agree, we had to convince them we are happy about our marriage. We both prayed many times and fasted every week to soften the hearts of family members. Our patience and commitment towards each other finally made our families to allow us to marry that too in a way that we can never imagine. Everything went on so smoothly that we were totally surprised by the blessings we received.

We prayed and did our scripture studies over phone every day this strengthened both of our testimonies and prepared us for the future. But marriage was not easy. Her dad passed away at a very crucial time. We had to put our inner commitment into action by sticking on to each other. Our families understood.

She always mentions one of the top reasons she chose me was because I have similar characteristics of her dad, she loves her dad so much.

The great and grand day of our lives came when we were able to go to the temple and get sealed for time and eternities. It was such as wonderful blessing for both of us. We understood it was not only our plan but the Lord’s plan for us. We enjoyed every single moment at the temple feeling the lord’s presence in that sacred beautiful house of God.  As we got sealed in the Hong Kong China temple, we came to a better understanding each other. We are now planning our next visit for the temple.

We are in the gospel not by chance but by choice, we know that heavenly father and Jesus Christ lives and loves us for whatever we are, whoever we are, however we are, his love for us is divine. We know with all our heart that Book of Mormon contains the true and living gospel that was restored during the latter days for us through Prophet Joseph Smith. We know that prophets are called by God to receive revelations for us. We know that this church is restored by God and that is why it’s true. We are so grateful for the temples, it brings happiness and hope to see our departed loved ones again. We are so grateful for all the happiness and blessings that the gospel has brought to us. Today, whatever good we are, whatever blessings we have got, whatever happiness we share is only and only because of what we have learnt from the gospel. We love being at church and learning the gospel, it brings us closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We bear witness of the things which we have shared in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Brother and Sister Seerapu Prasad, live in Hyderabad