“Come Follow Me” is Guiding Us to Fortify our Homes

The Sumarajan family from Hyderabad has experienced the blessings of studying “Come Follow Me” this year. This is what they have to say about it.

image of family

Brother Vinod Sumarajan

 “Come Follow Me ” is a great resource in guiding my family to study the Book of Mormon

this year. We as a family are having wonderful experiences. For me, it has become the focus of

my life and is helping me become more Christ-like. I enjoy the reflective questions

and the cross-references with other scripture, including conference talks.

 I feel closer to Christ than I have before, and my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown

stronger. “Come Follow Me” has made me realize that the Prophet Joseph Smith could not have

translated this book with its minute detail without the power of God. This simple study

deepened my understanding of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I testify that Jesus Christ

lives and that He is our Savior.


Sister Sujatha Sumarajan

 I am enjoying this study guide immensely.  It focuses on the character of the Savior and prophets

and how to incorporate that into my life. I know that with the increased challenges of the

world, recharging my spirituality once a week is not sufficient. I need to be actively seeking to recharge my spirituality more frequently.

 In 2019 when the prophet announced the changes to the Sunday meeting schedule who knew that it was a preparation for this pandemic to hold home-centered church? Even though we cannot meet communally as Saints, we do have the privilege of continuing to renew our commitments to our covenants each week by observing the Sabbath and trying to draw closer to the Savior. The experiences are memorable and spiritually fortifying as we consecrate our efforts to the Lord.

 Through home-centered Church, we have been blessed with increased understanding, greater

love among our family members, enhanced strength in facing our daily challenges, and homes

filled with joy and peace.


Karen Dheeksha Sumarajan (17 Years)

 “Come Follow Me” helps me find answers and become closer to God. It has changed the way I study the gospel. It has helped our family with our daily challenges and taught us to focus on the Savior with all our hearts.


Emily Yakshita Sumarajan (13 Years)

“Come follow Me” has given a clear understanding that the Book of Mormon is true.  Studying with my family especially helps me a lot. This pandemic has allowed me to know more about the

Book of Mormon.  Before starting “Come Follow Me” we read the three prophetic promises President Russell M Nelson gave to all of us:  

1. If we pray and study the Book for Mormon every day, we will be able to make better


2. If we ponder and study, we will receive answers to our questions and direction in our life.

3. If you daily immerse yourself in the Book of Mormon, you can be immunized against evil.1


Spencer Harshil Sumarajan (12 Years Old)

“Come Follow Me” has deepened my testimony of the Savior, the apostles, and the prophets.

My love for and forgiveness of others have grown.  It has helped me to control my anger, pride and holding grudges. “Come Follow Me” is not only about reading and understanding the scriptures, it is about applying them to our lives.

1  “Prophetic Promises” in “Introductory Materials,” “Come Follow Me.”