Come Follow Me

“The aim of all gospel learning and teaching is to deepen our conversion to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and help us become more like Them. For this reason, when we study the gospel, we’re not just looking for new information; we want to become a ‘new creature.’1 This means relying on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help us change our hearts, our views, our actions, and our very natures.”2

The greatest blessing, I received by studying “Come, Follow Me” every day is that, my testimony is strengthened. Regular study of the scriptures helped me understand the teachings of Jesus Christ and the principles of the gospel, strengthening my faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. This led to spiritual growth and a stronger relationship with God. By praying and pondering the scriptures, I received personal revelation in my life.

Studying the scriptures, I found joy and peace even during difficulties. The teachings of the gospel brought comfort and assurance. Daily scripture study with the help of “Come, Follow Me” has helped me improve my understanding of the gospel  and also helped me to make the right choices in my day-to-day life. “Come, Follow Me” is the best church resource that is helping me to grow spiritually and to know more about my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.


  1. 2 Corinthians 5:17
  2. Come, Follow Me manual,” Conversaion is our Goal”
Sis. Saritha Gali