Coimbatore Open House

Coimbatore Open House

“This is close to my heart. This is what I was searching. I think I have found it!  I had been to many churches but here is where I find it.” Mrs. Sujatha expressed these words, a visitor from Chennai, who was going through the Open House at the Coimbatore branch.  This is marvelous said Manaikandan, another visitor who exclaimed the beauty of the gospel as he toured the Open House.

It was a beautiful morning. The Sun glowed in all its brightness and it rays cast a splendid light of hues enlightening Coimbatore and its chapel area. If there was a bright spot in Coimbatore it was the Chapel and its surroundings.  Yes! It was heaven smiling upon the Saints as they gathered to celebrate the Independence Day at the chapel and then open the chapel for its fellow citizen to “Come and see.”

Sounds of drums, music, and speech were in abundance to welcome the day as the people of Coimbatore woke up the fervor of the day – celebrating the Independence Day of India. It was 68 years ago that the nation got its independence from British rule.

Coimbatore district organized an Open House for its citizens to understand the Church better. 

Visitors came with members, some walked in seeing the banner outside the chapel, members stood outside chapel to invite  passing crowd to ‘come and see’, and some saw the flyer in the newspaper and came. All came with a desire to learn and know about the church.  It was a fascinating group of people who walked in. The people were led by members to  first view the presentation on the life of Jesus Christ,  then they were taken to First Vision; after this they were lead to the room where the ‘Plan of Salvation’ was taught with emphasis on family history and their importance,  they were taken to view the various manuals, scriptures, books of the Church.  Then they were led to the India Communication presentation – this helped the visitors know the different media resources of the church available to members and non-members, leading them further to the presentation ‘The Gospel of Jesus Christ, this presentation focused on the First principles and ordinances of the gospel this led to the final presentation in the sacrament hall where the sacrament and its importance and the sacrament meeting was presented. This helped the visitors gain and understanding that Jesus Christ leads this Church and the gospel has been restored and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the kingdom on earth.

It was a team effort as the day passed off smoothly. The members had put I their time and efforts to make this a success. 

Brother Amalraj, Chairman of the Open House responded when asked “How did you organize such a big event?” His response was “The keys to success was: I humbled myself, prayed for direction at every meeting, communicated to the district president  and the overwhelming support of the members helped this Open House to be siccessfull.  We are grateful for the Lord’s blessings.”

Mr. Vijayakumar saw the banner outside the church and walked in. He said “I feel so impressed with the church and what it offers.”  He works for the government and has recently been transferred to Coimbatore.

 District president Vincent Paul said “The Church is growing well in Coimbatore. We are making an attempt to reach out the people of Coimbatore and let them we are follow Jesus Christ, His kingdom has been restored. We are all children of our heavenly Father.”