Children: A Heritage from The Lord


The joy of having children and grandchildren is unmeasurable. Our children are our incredible blessings, and this is what scriptures say, 'Children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward' .1

Women are a beautiful and sacred creation of God, and out of the many callings, the one that stands out as the most important one is raising children. Motherhood is a divine and sacred calling. Love defines the bond between mothers and their children. The joy of motherhood comes in defining moments and gives us peace at the same time. There are no greater blessings in life than watching our children grow. The work of a mother is full-time and demanding with no holidays. For me, the role of a mother came with its challenges. It was hard for me as a mother, too, mainly because I am a working woman, and for many years I took dual roles to support my children as a mother and as a Father. Like others, I also went sleepless nights and became unorganized as I needed to plan my days and nights and everything per my children's schedule. Sometimes I succeeded and, on many occasions, failed, but when I see my children becoming good human being, growing in the Church and Gospel, the journey seems to be worth the risk. My children are most precious to me than anything in the world.  They are the reason for my existence, wholeness, and smile. I thank Heavenly Father each day for them and pray for them.

Elder Russell. M. Ballard Said, 'There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood'.2 I am very blessed to see my first cute little grandchild 'Amara'. She is like sunshine in our lives. She is far from me, but due to the blessings of technology, I can see and talk to her each day (of course, in her language). I know God will bless me with many more.

Children are like a package of happiness, which can make you smile even when you are in your worst mood, and this is my personal experience that I cherish.



  1. Psalms 127:2
  2. Elder Russell Ballard, 'Daughters of God', April 2008 General conference.