Changes Come by “Lighting the World”


When I first heard about the “Light the World” activity, I wondered how that could change my life in just 25 days. With faith, I decided to follow it every day to see what changes it would bring into my life. I know that the prophets are called of God and they guide us through continuous revelation in these last days.  When I started to follow the activity day after day, I had tears in my eyes as I felt the true spirit of Christmas and remembered our Savior’s birth and his infinite atoning sacrifice. The Lord loves us so much and we will be blessed according to our choices.

Every daily task helped me to build strong relationships with all of God’s children here upon this beautiful earth. It gave me a chance to show my appreciation and gratitude towards my beloved brothers and sisters and helped me to get rid of bitter feelings towards others.  I had a chance to understand the importance of showing love and kindness to one another. I was able to recognize and feel the changes in my heart and I felt very happy for doing these activities. I was blessed to share the gospel by posting the completion of each task on the social media.

Smiling at all for a day, assisting an elderly person, giving a gift to neighbor, having lunch with someone I didn’t know well, cheering someone on, donating blood, thanking others, thinking of family members and inviting someone to church helped me to be involved more deeply with love and joy. We as a family gained a testimony of obeying to the Word of Wisdom when we were able to donate blood to save lives. These are small services that we can do and as I did them, I felt the spirit and rejoiced. I am grateful to our true prophet, President Nelson, for this wonderful activity that helped strengthen my testimony and develop Christlike attributes. I testify that one day we can all become like our God and His Son Jesus Christ by hearkening to the counsel of His servants whom we call the prophets. I testify that these things are true.