Building Lord’s Kingdom


I was brought up by a God-fearing parent belonging to a different faith than ours. We have always been regular to church and had family prayers every day. These childhood memories will always stay close to my heart.

When my husband and I were introduced to, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, everything seemed to be very different. Accepting “The Book of Mormon” was a task for me. After a year of reading, pondering and praying, I finally accepted the Book of Mormon, soon after which I started to witness miracles in my life. My belief grew, even more, stronger when I saw a miraculous change in my husband. I am glad to see the miraculous hand of the Lord in my life and in church. 

When I joined the church there were hardly 10 members in the Chennai branch. It is now marvellous in our eyes to see that, it has bloomed into 5 branches. The year 2009 marked a year of blessing for the saints in Chennai to own a chapel, which was a dream for many saints. For all the blessings we have received, I feel the Lord expects more from us to build his kingdom here on earth through Ministering, just like the way our saviour  did.