Call for Entries: Memes Project – Dive into the Book of Mormon! 

Call for Entries: Memes Project

What We’re Looking For:

• Original Memes that bring to life the teachings, characters, and stories from the Book of Mormon. Whether it’s a modern twist on a classic teaching, a light-hearted take on its stories, or an insightful reflection on its teachings, we want to see it all!
• Creativity Unleashed: There are no limits to the number of submissions. You can submit one, ten, or even more memes. Let your imagination run wild!


Respectful and Positive: While we encourage creativity and humor, it’s crucial that all submissions respect the sacred nature of the Book of Mormon and positively reflect its teachings.
Originality: Please ensure your memes are original and do not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks.
Quality: Submissions should be clear, easily understandable, and suitable for a wide audience.

How to Participate
1. Create Your Meme(s): Use any software or app of your choice to create your meme. Make sure it adheres to the guidelines provided.

2. Submit Your Entry: Submit your meme design(s) directly to Please include your full name, your branch / ward and your contact information.

3. Submission Deadline: 20th June 2024. Make sure to get your memes in before the deadline to be considered!

Selection and Recognition:

  1. The most engaging, insightful, and creative memes will be selected to be featured and used officially across the Church’s social media channels in the Asia area.
  2. This is a fantastic opportunity to share your perspective, faith and testimony in a unique and memorable way.

Rights and Usage:

The creator agrees to sign the “Creative Works Unlimited License” which gives unlimited rights and license to the Church as indicated in the “Creative Works Unlimited License” document.

Let’s dive deep into the Book of Mormon with creativity and spirit! We can’t wait to see your submissions and share in the insights they bring. If you have any questions, please contact .