Being Self Reliant in Difficult Times

Image of a family

Brother Navneethan and his family of four have been members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for more than seven years. They are a quiet and simple family living within their means. Sister Sumathi Navneethan has a strong testimony of the teachings of the Church. Their faith was so strong that they sent their eldest son Naveen on a mission to serve Christ. 

Now, with this new situation of the COVID pandemic covering the earth and affecting millions of lives across all sectors of society, it is heartening to see this family coping with the challenges by careful planning and living life in the Lord's way.

Even though Brother Navneethan worked hard and even shifted his family to a little more comfortable home, he still could not bring the needs of the family to a satisfactory position. To make ends meet Naveen and his younger brother stepped in.  Naveen, who lost his white collar job with a corporation because of the economic slowdown, and his younger brother who has completed his 12th standard, volunteered to put in their efforts to contribute to their family by working in a lathe workshop for daily wages. 

I am very happy to witness the Lord's love for and gentle guidance of the members of this family who have braved all odds and stood strong during these hard testing times to live a life of dignity. This family is truly a classic example of self-reliance and have set themselves as valiant front runners as providers and protectors of their family at a time when standing strong is challenging.