Be Still My Soul

“Be still, my soul: The Lord is on thy side:” though seems to be a simple verse it soothes our mind and heart. This was the theme of our District Relief Society Conference held on Oct 2nd,2023. We started with the Relief Society president's testimonial followed by the workshop. The inspiring workshop “You Are Not Alone” by full-time Volunteers Elder & Sister Gibson was awesome stating that in olden biblical times, we remember the story of the Hagar her cry unto the Lord for water putting aside her dying son in the desert. Hannah her womb was shut by the Lord, and their cries and supplications were granted. Even in the Book of Mormon, Enos knelt and cried unto the Lord and his mighty prayer and supplication for his own soul all day long. “There came a voice unto me saying Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee and thou shall be blessed”.2

“All things are made possible to him that believeth”.3 When we are in deep despair, searching for hope all around eventually, we turn unto the Lord, the comfort and peace he gives through the whispering of spirit. Mainly because God is merciful.

Even in modern times, we can reach out to God through scriptures renewing our covenants in sacrament meetings, seeking priesthood blessings, listening to the words of Prophets and other faithful disciples, and listening to the still-whispering of small voices.

A holy temple is considered the house of the Lord. Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. As the scriptures teach us “Body is the Temple of God” 4, Doctrine and covenants teach us about the Law of health which comes under the Word of Wisdom.5 We need to make ourselves healthy and strong. The importance of Yoga was explained with a demonstration. In addition, we had self-reliance sessions and Games too.

It was a beautiful conference, and all the sisters left the chapel with a deep understanding of the importance of doing the Lord’s work which brings immense peace and joy to our hearts. We felt the hand of the Lord while organizing this conference. We can be more like the Savior, sharing with others brings us joy in our lives. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and his love is the same, through thorny ways leading to a joyful end.


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