Avoid Fear and Trust in the Lord

image of family

During the Coronavirus lockdown, when I hear about the impact of the pandemic on the earth like the sufferings of those who are infected, the fear others seeking protection, the misery of others suffering without food and shelter in all the parts of the country, I feel that God’s second coming is near.

Now we have more time to be together as a family and that helps me to get closer to God in faith. As we study “Come Follow Me” as a family I am able to feel the love of Heavenly Father towards me and my family. Studying and pondering “Come Follow Me” as a family helps me to strengthen my family’s faith in God and His teachings. My love has increased towards my wife and children and I feel that they are precious gifts from God to me on this earth. As I read Proverbs 3:21-24 these verses give men the comfort that we need at this present time. It says that we should be wise and careful, walk in the safe way and avoid fear so that we can sleep in peace.

I witness that as I have accepted the invitation of our beloved prophet President Russell M. Nelson to study “Come Follow Me” and to fast and pray for the people in need and for the ability to minister to those in need, I felt the spirit of comfort and joy. I believe and humbly share these things to be true in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.