Temple Blessings

 I was born in the Southern part of India. All I can remember is that I was raised in an orphanage. All I experienced till my teen years were my studies and relationships with my teachers and friends. I used to look at others being adopted and loved by some family and wondered if I would ever have that. My favourite memories from birth till my teenage years were the days I would get to watch a movie, and I would study hard so that I could go on trips from school. I had no experience of having my own family, being loved for who I am or following any religion.

Fast forward to thirty-two years ago when I married my husband; two years later, my family and I were introduced to the full-time volunteers of the church by my brother-in-law. I am grateful for those volunteers and the Light of Christ who witnessed the truth then. We desired to do good as King Benjamin’s people declared, “The Spirit of the Lord Omnipotent, has wrought a mighty change in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually”

1.My two daughters and I were active members of the Church, but my husband was on and off. I am grateful for my family and the gospel truth in our lives. President Spencer W. Kimball said, “Family life is the best method for achieving happiness in this world, and it is a clear pattern given to us from the Lord about what is to be in the next world”

2. Elder M. Russell Ballard said, “What matters most is what lasts the longest, and our Families are for Eternities” 

3. I am grateful for the people and angels who have helped me build and strengthen my testimony. I learned about the House of the Lord and desired to do Temple Work, but we could not get sealed because my companion was not ready or worthy. I then decided to get my Endowment after learning of the importance of this ordinance. However, there were obstacles, and I needed to make more effort even after trying multiple times. I used to feel that may be, my Gospel and the Family were only for this life. I lost hope. We may walk away from the Lord, lose hope, and not see His love for us sometimes, but He is always there, ALWAYS!

I am saying this because, I have seen miracles in my life and family. When my husband passed away five years ago, my life was shattered again. My children eventually went abroad. It was hard for me, and it is still hard.

Let me tell you about the biggest miracle of my life! My children were able to do the Temple work for my husband. Then, during Covid, my youngest daughter decided to get married in the USA. At the end of 2020, in December, I got my visa. I could receive my temple recommend from my Bishop. Miraculously, the Lord blessed me to travel and attend my daughter’s marriage in the Temple. I got my Endowment the day before in the Newport Beach, California Temple. Then, on my husband’s fourth death anniversary, I was sealed to him for Time and All Eternity. Our children were also sealed to us in the Draper Utah Temple.

I am grateful that I can meet my husband and live with him again. My Family is eternal, and there is no greater joy than to live with our Heavenly Parents again.

Elder Holland said, “Believe in Miracles. I have seen so many. They came when every indication would say that hope was lost. Hope is NEVER lost”

4. President Monson was asked why so many Church members are willing to give so much to receive the blessings of the Temple. “Those who understand the Eternal Blessings that come from the Temple know that no sacrifice is too great, no price too heavy, no struggle too difficult, to receive those blessings. There are never too many miles to travel, too many obstacles to overcome, or too much discomfort to endure. They understand that the saving ordinances received in the Temple that permit us to someday return to our Heavenly Father in an Eternal Family relationship, and to be endowed with blessings and power from on High are worth every sacrifice and every effort.”

5. I have experienced these miracles about which he is talking. I know that Heavenly Father has not forsaken me. He loves me. He knows me. He cares for me. I was blessed to experience His love in His house. I was able to witness His mercy and his never-ending care for me inside His House. I was moved by the Love I felt, not just by having my children and their families with me, but I could feel angels around me. I had an ardent desire to work to be like Jesus because I was able to be in the Celestial Rooms inside the Temples and realised that I wanted to go to the Celestial Kingdom and live Eternally with my Family.

Sis. Dhanpal

While in the USA, I could go to the Rexburg Temple and do the work for the dead. Being in His house allowed me to learn about God and grow closer to Him, who loves me dearly. I was able to do Temple work for those on the other side. It helped me as an individual to understand the ordinances and glories of God.

President Monson said, “As I think of Temples, my thoughts turn to many blessings we receive therein. As we enter through the doors of the Temple, we leave behind the distractions and confusion of the world. Inside this sacred sanctuary, we find beauty and order. There is rest for our souls and respite from the cares of our lives. As we attend the Temple, there can come to us a dimension of spirituality and a feeling of peace which will transcend any other feeling which could come into the human heart. We will grasp the true meaning of the words of the Savior when He said, ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you… Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.’ Such peace can permeate any heart – hearts that are troubled, hearts that are burdened down with grief, hearts that feel confusion, hearts that plead for help.”

6. These blessings are real. I have experienced it. When my eldest daughter was planning to get married in the temple, she faced some physical challenges. She had a painful chronic disease; surprisingly, doctors did not know much about it. She was being treated, but it was experimental. She would see her doctor every two weeks, and all they could do to help her was give her steroids and tell her they were looking for something more helpful.

My daughter was also preparing to go to the Temple. She was promised that the Temple would bring blessings according to her needs if you have faith. She took this promise to her heart, mind, and soul. She prayed for the Lord’s will. She was HEALED! The disease could never be cured, but only controlled, was gone. It was a Miracle! When she went for her checkup later, it was like it never happened.

President Monson said, “My brothers and sisters, in our lives we will have temptations; we will have trials and challenges. As we go to the Temple, as we remember the covenants, we make there, we will be better able to overcome those temptations and to bear our trials. In the Temple, we can find peace. The blessings of the Temple are priceless.”

7. I know that Jesus is the Christ; Joseph Smith, the prophet of our dispensation, restored the priesthood blessings that allow us to partake of the Temple Blessings. I know that every sacrifice we make to attend the Temple is worthwhile. I know this is true!



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