Trust The Lord Always

The ultimate treasures on earth and in heaven are our children” 1. It is true in our lives. Like other parents, we too, have struggles, pain, darkness, shame, and discouragement in bringing up our children in hope and righteousness. It took too much pain and sacrifice to educate, grow, and nourish them, along with the worldly and financial pressure. Accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the best decision we, as mothers, have ever made to save our children’s lives. Members and leaders have always helped us stay strong and active in the gospel.

From the Book of Mormon, we read, “O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth; yea learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God” 2 has blessed our children. As young single Adults, Sunil Kannan, Sneha Kannan, and Sharu Kannan had the privilege of attending seminary and institute classes which were a blessing for them. This helped them to prepare themselves to serve our Lord as a full- time volunteers. The knowledge and testimony they gained by attending these classes helped them magnify their callings and shaped them into who they are now.

As mothers, we struggled financially to balance the family’s needs. As a result of our family situation, we thought of sending our children to work at times to take care of their daily needs in the family. Yet, we were prompted to help, support, and send our children to serve the Lord. Our children were eager and firm in their decision to serve our Lord as Full-time volunteers.

Trust In the Lord
Trust In the Lord

The call to serve as a full-time volunteer arrived at the right time for each one. They were united in love and in their name to serve the Lord as Elder Kannan and Sister Kannan, as the family's surname was Kannan. The leaders and members encouraged, appreciated, and guided the three souls. We are filled with joy that we cannot express in words to thank the almighty for our children’s privilege to serve Him as full-time missionaries. We testify that serving the Lord will bless our children to gain spiritual knowledge, be bold and courageous, face challenges with positivity and make wise decisions in the future.



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