A Firm Spiritual Foundation

Mary William
Mary William India New Delhi Stake

I was born in Rangoon, Myanmar, with ten siblings. My family belonged to a Catholic church. My parents were spiritually strong in the Church, and we were raised in the same manner. My dad taught me about the Gospel and to have faith in Jesus Christ. Every day, we had family prayers, attended Church every Sunday, and helped the poor and needy.

In 1961, a war between India and Burma started, and many refugees travelled by ship and settled in India. In 1964, I came to India; it was a hard time. We faced many challenges. Still, we kept on going to Church and surrendered ourselves to God.


I got married at 22 and was blessed with three sons and one daughter. I then settled in Coimbatore. My husband and I worked in the State Government to care for our family.

My eldest son Joseph William once met with some friends and learned about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The missionaries came to our home and taught us about the Book of Mormon. Slowly, he started to attend Church, loved the fellowship, and decided to join the Church. In a few months, I saw changes in him; he was an example for my family. Slowly my other children joined the Church. Later, my eldest son served a full-time mission.


In 1992, my husband passed away. As a single mother, I endured many trials and challenges in caring for my family. Every day, I prayed to God to get an answer for my petition. I then got an answer. That is when the turning point happened in my life. I had an opportunity to visit my son Joseph, who was working in the U.S.A. He invited me to stay with him, and I spent several days with his family. I attended the Church with my son. I also loved the fellowship. I could feel the love they showed to one another. It was different for me. Everyday, I started to read the book of Mormon. I wanted to know the truth. While I was reading, I felt the prompting of the Holy Ghost, which made me strong to step forward.


I came to know that the book of Mormon is true. Then, I met with the missionaries and decided to take baptism. My son baptized me on August 20th in the Susquehanna River. It was a wonderful feeling that no words could express. Day by day, my spiritual foundation grew stronger. After a few months, I had a calling in the Relief Society, where I had the opportunity to visit sisters from all branches and minister and comfort them.


I strengthened myself by reading and pondering the scriptures daily, attending sacrament meetings, and participating in other activities. I feel the closeness with my Heavenly Father. I love my sisters; they are my strength.


After several years of preparation, in 2007, I visited the Hong Kong temple, where I received my endowment and was sealed to my husband for all of Eternity. This was a sacred experience; I was filled with joy and happiness.


God's mercy blessed my whole family. I cannot count the many blessings, and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for helping me to be an instrument in His hands. I believe in the fullness of the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ. I have always desired to serve God till my last breath, and by serving him, my spiritual foundation becomes stronger every day.