Asia Area Leader Message (March 2022)

Making the Most of Sacrament Meeting

“Sacrament meetings are special opportunities to be close to the Savior. For us to make the most of this experience, what can we do to better prepare ourselves?”

Elder Benjamin M. Z. Tai
Elder Benjamin M. Z. Tai Second Counselor in the Asia Area Presidency

Some years ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Holy Land where the Savior, Jesus Christ lived and taught. In preparation, I studied about His life and researched where I wanted to visit.  The highlight of my trip was reading the biblical accounts of the Lord’s suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane amongst ancient olive trees outside Jerusalem, and of His resurrection at the Garden Tomb. I completed that brief pilgrimage with a renewed determination to follow the Savior. The process of preparing for, participating in, and acting on those experiences has greatly blessed my life.

Each of us has an opportunity to make a regular journey to a sacred place where we can reflect upon the life of the Savior and our relationship with Him. The Savior invites us to meet often to partake of the sacrament [1] and promises to be in our midst [2] when we gather to do so. When we accept His invitation, we are prepared and protected against future challenges. [3] As we consistently repent and remember Him, we will always have His spirit to be with us. [4] It is because of the sacrament ordinance and the associated covenant with God, that sacrament meetings are the most sacred and important meetings in the church. [5]

Sacrament meetings are special opportunities to be close to the Savior. For us to make the most of this experience, what can we do to better prepare ourselves? How can we more fully participate? How can our sacrament experience continue to bless us?

The ordinance of the sacrament makes the sacrament meeting the most sacred and important meeting in the Church.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Preparation for sacrament meeting begins well before the Sabbath day. The Savior taught that we should ponder and pray about His words in our homes and prepare our minds in advance. [6]  We prepare our children for the sacrament by talking to them throughout the week about its meaning and how they can use that time to learn about what the Savior has done for them. We should examine ourselves [7] and determine what changes we need to make in our lives and what help we need from the Lord. We can make a list of questions to bring to the meeting and be prepared to listen for answers to them in the prayers, hymns, and messages offered there. We can offer to the Lord our broken heart and contrite spirit [8] by repenting and seeking forgiveness from the Lord for our sins and forgiving others of their trespasses against us. Intentional preparation enables us to receive the inspiration we seek and need.    

The Savior asks us to be alert and to watch and pray always. [9] We remain alert and focused when we actively participate in the meeting by listening intently for answers to our questions, and by recording the promptings we receive from the Holy Ghost. We unite our faith with others through the prayers offered and unite our voices in singing the hymns. We express our affirmation with what is said with “amen” after each message and prayer. We listen reverently as the sacrament prayers are recited and repeat them in our minds as if they are our own personal pleas and commitments to the Lord. We focus our messages, music, or prayers on the Savior, Jesus Christ, and we seek opportunities to help others feel welcomed, loved, and needed. Through active participation we feel greater sociality, fulfillment, and edify our fellow worshipers.  


Making the Most of Sacrament Meeting

Through the sacrament ordinance, we covenant with God that we are willing to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ, to always remember Him, and to always keep His commandments. After each sacrament meeting, we strive to fulfill our promises to God. We also choose to act promptly on the impressions we received during the meeting. We accept the Savior’s invitation to “hold up our light” that it may shine unto the world  and do this by loving, sharing, and inviting others to “come and see,” “come and help,” and “come and belong” in normal and natural ways. As we act in faith, the Lord blesses us with experiences that bring us lasting joy.  

Through this iterative process of preparation, participation and action, our sacrament worship becomes an integral part of our life and a lasting source of spiritual power and protection. Our relationship with the Savior and fellow disciples will be enhanced. May each of us consider how we might fully make the most of our sacrament meeting experience in our lives.  


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