Our Divine Nature And Eternal Destiny – A miracle To Me

Sis. Sophia

By Sophia William, Saidapet Branch, India Chennai District

Sis. Sophia William, Saidapet Branch, India Chennai District

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed my life to have a clear understanding of my divine nature and eternal destiny. I am so humbled to serve in the Young Women presidency. Young women in our branch are so valiant and faithful though they encounter different challenges in this vulnerable stage of life. This year's theme, Trust in the Lord, has helped us have more hope and trust in the Lord no matter what circumstances we are subject to.

Working together on the youth program in the four key areas has strengthened our testimonies of Our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ and the perfect unique plan he has for each of us. Above all, the reality of their true identity as beloved daughters of God has brought so much realization in oneself.

I am so grateful to serve the Young Women at this point. To empathize with them as they go through their own life's struggles, specifically with the pressing need to be recognized and valued in the world of social media, has given me a wealth of experience and wisdom from above. I felt how vital it is to read the Young Women theme every Sunday and be reminded of the divine nature, that they are loving daughters of our Heavenly Parents.

My daughter, Janessa, turning eight this December, loves to sing primary songs. With the dawn of my calling as a Young Women President, we both began listening to youth songs often and enjoyed singing the songs together. She has learned many youth musical numbers from last year's 'Great work' album, and this year's theme song, 'Trust in the Lord', remains her favourite song.

God is real. I have felt his cleansing power in my life on several occasions. My soul was indeed comforted while I was in deep distress. God's love has given me hope and courage to press forward in this mortal sojourn. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are mindful of us; by trusting the Lord, we can become happy and joyful in spite of our challenges.