An Epitome Of Faith

An epitome of Faith

Dheeraj Nakka is the epitome of FAITH!

Dheeraj said, “I want to bear my testimony that Faith is a Principle of Action and Power”.

We know that Prophet Joseph Smith revealed that Faith was not just a Principle of Action but, more importantly, the Principle of Power through Christ. Dheeraj is a living example of this Truth. For a 22-year-old who is only 3 feet tall, because he was born with physical disabilities, Dheeraj has the Soul of a Giant.

As a child, his parents “were afraid” to send him to school because they felt their son would feel “uncomfortable”. Dheeraj survived school and today has only one year left to complete a College Degree. “I have received this great blessing only because of the faith which I have in Jesus Christ”, declares Dheeraj. Dheeraj is the only Priesthood holder in his home, and he said that attending Seminary and Institute classes has helped him to strengthen his Faith. When Dheeraj spoke to the Young Adults, he barely reached the lectern's top. However, the scriptural truths he declared and the personal testimony he bore raised him to Spiritual heights that few can claim.

The full-time volunteers of the church, Elder Abbott and Powell, visited Dheeraj’s home and shared the Plan of Salvation; his grandma joyfully accepted the Gospel along with his mom and his sister, but not his father. When Dheeraj was eight, he accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Seminary, when Dheeraj learned that he was “made in the image of God,” his confidence grew. Then when he learned that in the “Resurrection, his body will become perfect”, his confidence soared.

He has great “hope and confidence” to get to university and get an Engineering degree. He also plans to serve our Lord as a volunteer.

Even Elder Uchtdorf told him that he “shared a wonderful testimony”. Dheeraj means Patience! Our Dheeraj not only knows Faith as Action, but he knows how to draw on the powers of Heaven through his FAITH in Christ after all he can do. We have confidence that with “Patience”, he will accomplish all his righteous desires on earth. As he endures, he will be rewarded with a perfect body with no infirmities, to stand tall and sure through all Eternity.

An epitome of Faith