An Answer to My Questions  

I was fortunate and blessed to attend a member devotional in Bangalore when Elder Uchtdorf visited India.  Being in the church from childhood, I always believed in and sustained Prophets and Apostles. But every time I meet prophets and apostles of God, my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Increases, and I feel closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Whenever we attend devotionals with prophets and apostles, I am sure we receive answers to questions in our life. This devotional was an answer to me, and I needed comfort and guidance from the lord in my life. I was praying and pondering as I was preparing and travelling to the meeting.  I pleaded with the Lord to help me make wise choices by listening to the words of his chosen Servant, Elder Uchtdorf.  I believe that God answers our prayers, some come quickly, and some take time, but this time it was very quick and clear to me. From Elder Uchtdorf’s message, two things that helped me were Trust – Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and second Forgive others and love everyone. Forgive others so that your sins will be forgiven.  I know that I need to Trust God and forgive others, but after attending the meeting, I understood that this is what I need to obey now, and it was an answer to my question. It was an eye-opening reminder for me to Trust God in everything and every time in my life.  Sometimes in our life, we focus on doing big things and forget to do small things; it applies even in following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being in the Gospel, we are continuously taught and reminded to believe, trust, and be faithful. We try to do our best, but when we face challenges, we forget to trust God and move forward, that is exactly what I did, but He does not leave us. He loves us, hears our pleadings, and knows what we are going through in our life, and that is why he made way for me to attend this devotional from Coimbatore.

An answer to my questions

Sometimes our blessings and answer to our prayers are delayed for various reasons. Still, I learned that Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves qualify us to receive tremendous blessings. I love and believe in forgiving others because as I forgive others, my sins are forgiven, and I become clean.

God answered my prayer in this meeting. Elder Uchtdorf and many other leaders spoke exactly what I needed to listen to that day.  As I apply these principles, I can see peace in my life as I move forward with faith. This is the reason I would like to attend all the church meetings without fail.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our loving Heavenly Father, and our living Prophet Russell M Nelson. I know I can enjoy these blessings and feel the strong spirit only in this Gospel; nowhere can you feel this peace. I know and believe Prophet Nelson and all the other apostles and the first presidency are chosen and called by God. If you want to enjoy peace in your life, please TRUST IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.