Abiding Faith

For Brother Gordon Hendry Moradi of the Malviya Nagar Ward, faith in Jesus Christ and his Gospel is the solid foundation upon which he has built his life.  He and his two siblings were raised by his mother as his father passed away at a very early age.  He joined the Church in 1996 and honorably filled a full time mission between 1998 and 2000. Known for his faith and diligence,  Brother Moradi has served in various callings and currently serves as the First Counselor in the Bishopric of his ward.

Despite challenges in his life, Brother Moradi’s faith in the Savior has remained strong.  The poor health of his wife was a challenge, but her recovery after many years was a blessing.  The birth of a son after twelve years of marriage is another miracle that has strengthened his testimony in the Savior and his miraculous ways of making things work where there seems to be no hope. 

As for many, the pandemic has brought new challenges to the Moradi family. Although Brother Moradi recently lost his job as a retail sales manager, his faith in the Savior is unshakeable and he truly believes that “this too shall pass.”  Meanwhile, he counts his blessings and finds hope in the future.

How wonderful the plan of Salvation that offers us great hope and gives us a reason to live a life which is more pleasing to our Father in Heaven.  As President Nelson has said, “Together we live on this earth, which is to be tended, subdued, and shared with gratitude. Each of us can help to make life in this world a more pleasant experience.”1

Like Brother Moradi, we can all certainly be involved in doing good amidst life crises and keep moving forward with a fervent hope and faith in Christ that we shall eventually be free from all labors and enter the rest of the Lord to attain a state of unending peace and happiness.


1 Russell M. Nelson, Daily Joy: A Devotional for Each Day of the Year, (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2020).