Light the World 2022: Asia Area Christmas Devotional


India presents a heartwarming re-enactment of the nativity by local members in a beautiful set with stunning visual storytelling and angelic singing. It has the most adorable baby Jesus substitute too!

The Devotional can be viewed online here from 17 Dec onwards: 

This Christmas, viewers can go on an uplifting musical journey spanning nine territories in Asia as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints present the first ever Asia Area Christmas Devotional. Made with love from Asia to the world, the Devotional combines beloved Christmas songs and creative film to retell the Nativity story through their rich cultures, languages and testimonies.

Viewers can look forward to visual and musical masterpieces with traditional costumes, traditional instruments, dance, dramatizations and stunning scenery from across Asia. Through this Devotional, viewers can feel the peace, joy and love that comes through Jesus Christ as you learn of and experience the true meaning and spirit of Christmas relived by followers of Christ in Asia.

So, you are welcome to join us on this musical journey by yourself or with others! #AsiaAreaChristmasDevotional #lighttheworld #2022