A Witness after a Trial of Faith

A Witness after a Trial of Faith

It was a warm summer evening in 2015. I felt like I was completely lost in my life. The case of my divorce was in process. The case was progressing to my favor. But I felt like a complete loser for my family would no longer be together. That thought troubled me. I shared this with a friend of mine. He comforted me by saying that God will be with me. But it was hard for me to believe considering the challenges I was facing.

The result of the case did not really matter to me, but the thought that bothered me was: what would happen to my two daughters? They should not go through this at such a tender age!

My friend listened to my problems patiently and then invited me to church. Seeking for answers and support, I was willing to attend church to find some peace. I wanted my family to be together and I was willing to go anywhere for that.

I attended church. Someone gave a talk on faith and repentance. That sparked an interest in me. I felt inspired to try this thing called repentance. And so, for the first time, I prayed having faith that God would help me. I felt so good, like a burden was lifted. I felt very positive about life. I decided to withdraw the case. All my friends and family suggested not to do so and encouraged me to go ahead with the divorce but I decided not to pursue it.

Next Sunday was a fast Sunday, and my Branch President helped me understand what fasting was and how it could bring great blessings into my life. I decided to fast. A sister bore her testimony on baptism that day and I could feel the spirit. I felt that I needed that in my life as well.

I expressed that desire to the Elders; they told me that they would love to help out. As I had no home, I asked them if they could teach me at church. They gladly accepted. I learnt and progressed and they set me on a baptism date for the second of August.

Throughout this learning process, I used to pray with my daughters for Heavenly father to repair my life and unite my family again.

A few days later, my husband came to visit me and my daughters and when he saw us – he hugged us and cried. He pled for us to forgive him. The dark and dreary past did not matter anymore for I beheld a miracle in my life. For a moment, I got a glimpse of the bright and glorious future that Heavenly Father had prepared for me.

I told him about my baptism and he agreed to come. Slowly he joined in the missionary discussions. And now my whole family is in the church. The Lord has truly been merciful, for he has blessed me and my family abundantly. We go to church every Sunday for I know the Lord will bless us even more when we strive to keep the commandments. I share these things in the name of my Savior and Redeemer, The True Healer of all life’s problems, Jesus Christ, Amen.