A Loving Invitation Has Blessed My Life

Being a member of this true church has blessed my family and me in many ways. It was my wife, who visited the church for the first time in 2005. My sister-in-law used to attend all the church meetings, and gradually my wife started to see what it was all about. The church's full-time volunteers taught her the gospel and invited her to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Initially, she was not interested, but as the days went by in learning the gospel with the spirit and asking in fervent prayer, she felt she needed to accept the Gospel. A kind sister from church recommended that she study the Book of Mormon and ponder it. As she followed that loving invitation from that caring sister, she did read and decided to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A loving invitation has blessed my life By Balan Subbiah

Later on, she was given the opportunity to learn about the commandments and word of wisdom through the full-time volunteers of the church. On 14 th July 2011, she accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ and always invited me to attend the church meetings, but I refused since Sunday was the only day to relax. Then, I started to read the Book of Mormon whenever I had time. I went to the church once in a while, and the branch president became close to me and discussed many things. Those loving and caring conversations with him motivated me to attend the church regularly and become a member at the Lord’s appointed time, 9’October 2011. Now I feel very happy that we are preparing to be sealed in the Lord’s temple as a family. It was a great opportunity to attend the Hong Kong rededication session on 19’ June 2022, which helped us to feel the spirit of reverence and peace as we attended it with joy and peace. I believe that the gospel and the Book of Mormon are true. I know the Lord is mindful of me and my spiritual progression to be with Him again.