A Faith-Filled Tithing Envelope

I had the opportunity to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the island of Kiribati, near the Marshall Islands in 2018 and 2019.  While there I had the opportunity to teach the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and work with many wonderful people. 

There was one particular 70-year-old woman who always carried with her the spirit of joy. She was well known as a very hard worker. Her example and pure dedication to God made a profound impact on my life.

She had two sons. One married and moved to a different part of Kiribati Island. The other struggled with alcohol and was often out of work. When not in his right mind he would sometimes beat her. Though she was a widow, she worked 10 hours every day on the roadside selling noodles/Maggi under the hot sun. She hardly earned $30 (Australian) per month, which is about $23 or 1,700 INR. I knew that $30 was not sufficient to take care of both herself and her son for a whole month!

She used to come to me and ask me to write her tithing and fast offering slip for her. She would then give it to the bishop. Though the envelope usually contained only a few dollars, I could see the happiness in her face and a faith-filled envelope that showed her hope and love for God.

I will never forget this cheerful giver, who shared her desire to someday attend the Temple. The nearest one was the Suva Fiji Temple. She was trying to work harder to save money for that trip too! I know many faithful widows, single parents, youth, parents and families that are all keeping the Law of Tithing. I know God blesses and takes care of them in their needs as He did to my family.