Seminary Has Changed My Life

Keerthana Nakka - Madinaguda Ward 2, India Hyderabad Stake
Seminary Has Changed My Life By Keerthana Nakka - Madinaguda Ward 2, India Hyderabad Stake

I was a 14-year-old girl happily attending young women when I heard the experiences from my ward members about seminary and how it changed their lives and helped them become better disciples of Christ. Those experiences excited me to attend seminary. Soon I learned that there were no seminary classes in my ward. I sincerely prayed to the Lord for help, and shortly, the Lord answered my prayers, and I was able to attend online seminary classes.

Because of seminary, I saw myself drawing closer to the Lord. This year’s learning was from The Old Testament. I always thought Old Testament was boring and had very few stories and experiences to ponder on and learn from; however, attending seminary every day, I learned new principles that I never came across before. I learned more about my Savior and His marvellous works, love, and mercy, which filled my soul with joy and happiness. I learnt that the Lord would help me fight my life battles. I learned that the Lord is just and the Lord of promise. He saved the Israelites from the wicked Pharaoh and the Babylonians. He saved them from sickness and natural calamities even though they were wicked at times because of his promise to the prophet Abraham.

As I likened the scriptures and kept the commandments, I saw the Lord’s hand in my life every day. I could witness the peace and comfort that came from following the footsteps of Christ, and I became humbler, and my anger started fading slowly as I felt the true love of Christ for me. I started paying my tithing and fast offerings. I felt the spirit of the Lord in every class I have attended and his love towards me in answering all my questions, helping me in my daily life, comforting me and guiding me through the spirit. I know that all the doctrines and principles I learnt in seminary class will help me serve the Lord, overcome the adversary and handle problems in my life with ease. Attending seminary class has strengthened my testimony, increased my faith, and helped me to put my trust in the Lord and build a strong foundation of Christ.