“I Pray! I Do it!” 

We excitedly walked down the path that led to the beach below. Our precious granddaughter skipped along by our side. Her Mommy and Baby Sister were with us, too. We were in Grandparents’ Heaven!

We stopped for a moment to attend to something. Earlier we had realized that we had forgotten to pack Shaili’s floaties.

I asked our five-year old, “Shaili, are you going to go into that ocean without your floaties?”

Her prompt reply, “YES! I PRAY! I DO it!”

“Ah! You pray, you do it? You think so?” I asked in amazement at her pure confidence.

“Yup!” she said, without hesitation.

“Heavenly Father will protect you?” I insisted.

“Heavenly Father ALWAYS answers my prayers!” she declared with authority!

“Really?” I pursued, still in awe of her pure faith.

After her unquestionable “Hunhun”, I declared, “I believe you! I believe you! Hurray for Heavenly Father!


Of course, Heavenly Father was depending on a mother and two grandparents to help Him protect His precious child, but Shaili had NO FEARS! She had a glorious day at the beach with her Mom and Sister, Khayali, and her Nani and Tata.

On another occasion, our Precious Shaili, again, reminded us of the power of prayer.

It was an ordinary day. My daughter and family were visiting and we were busy packing for our imminent move, but still trying to entertain two beloved grandchildren. Shaili and I had just finished a project making a forest ranger’s badge. We needed a pin. All my stuff was packed. We could not find a safety pin anywhere!

I walked into my bedroom and there was Shaili, the “forest ranger,” face down on the bed. What was she doing? I turned and as I walked away, suddenly a picture came into my mind - a picture of my dress and the pin that I had safely pinned away!

We had found a pin! And Shaili had been praying to Heavenly Father to find one!

A simple need! A powerful reminder! God hears our prayer! Ask! And ye shall receive!

Many times, when I have felt discouraged or my faith wanes, I remember my precious Shaili declaring, “I PRAY! I DO it!”

Immediately I turn to my Heavenly Father and pray. Without fail, I receive His gift of grace - the enabling power and spiritual healing that comes from the mercy and love of my Savior Jesus Christ. I feel empowered and life is great again!

Our children are pure souls! There is so much we can learn and do if we take the time to be with them and “Hear Him” through our children.


Elder and Sister Naidu are currently serving as Church Communications missionaries in the India New Delhi Mission  from their home in Hawaii, USA while waiting to come to India.